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Types of U.S Employment Visas

Although nowadays it is very common to make a query on the Google search engine for almost anything, it does not always turn out to be the definitive solution to our needs.

When we are looking for a work visa for another country it can be very common that Google brings us closer to the answers we are looking for, but the reality is that there are important immigration processes to understand and generate correctly, only then we will avoid legal problems that will keep us away from our goal of working in the United States.

So without further ado, here is the "survival guide to process a work visa for the United States":

Basic recommendations:

Personal Processing.

Although the U.S. Embassy itself recommends that all aspects related to the processing of a work visa be handled personally, this does not mean that it is not prudent to approach a law firm specialized in this matter to avoid a bad process.

Official Process.

Knowing the official process is a basic step in this process, since knowing first hand the requirements and eligibility criteria for each type of visa will bring you closer to your final objective.


A correct planning to legitimize your immigration status entails an important personal preparation, where you have to be able to meet the requirements of the Department of State without neglecting your professional obligations and in this sense, planning is your best ally.


If you have been able to attend correctly to the recommendations already mentioned, it is your turn to keep in mind the renewal period of your work visa, as well as to carry out in a timely manner the necessary procedures to keep it active.


The costs of visa application vary by type, which are defined according to the work to be performed, it is of vital importance to know them and contemplate them within your planning.


As in everything in life, time is one of the most important variables, both in the collection of documentation, appointments with consulates and embassies are measured in waiting times. Even global emergencies such as COVID-19 have had an impact on this variable, exponentially increasing waiting times in some cases.

As you may have noticed, the processing of a work visa is not something to be taken lightly, since we are talking about your immigration status within the country and it is important that you approach specialized teams to resolve it satisfactorily. If you are near Burbank California, we are your best option.



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